Black Mist (Episode 101)


Black Mist (Episode 101)


if i die before my favorite show ends then use an ouija board to keep me updated about what happens next

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Anonymous asked: "Hmm, I thought there were 3 in that family of Barians also. - AleXyz"

X333 So you do know my OCs? <3

The ones that are mine that I mention are:

 - Helene
 - Chara
 - and possible baby Eris. (Helene and Vec’s child. Though he isn’t reincarnated into a Barian. Well he was in earlier RPs with wolfie, but he’s not now.)

Others you might have seen/read that aren’t mine are:

- Umbriel
- Despina 
- Charon
- Vein

The first 3 belong to wolfie and the last one belongs to another friend of mine, Shanny. <3

They are well written Barian OC’s and I love them all X3


Sometimes I really like the people on this site and sometimes I want to snap their insufferable little necks



Date a guy who opens your jars and wine bottles for you

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  • baby tsukki: p-p-pa...
  • akiteru: are you trying to say papa? dad, he's trying to say 'papa!'
  • baby tsukki: p-pa...pathetic.


I’m legally an adult now and i had a yugioh birthday party~

It was actually hard to get this done, from finding someone who could and wanted to do the cookies, to walking shop by shop to find the balloons, and finally printing and putting together the boxes~

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