This right here, ladies and gentlemen, just might be the best beauty-and-beast-story ever.

Because any little girl (or boy for that matter) should grow up knowing that you could be a giant green ogre, and you’d still be bloody gorgeous to the ones that matter.  And not in the “oh, I can overlook your flaws” -kind of way. But in the “those aren’t flaws, they are beauty spots!”-kind of way.

Rant finished.

Night x3


games that let you save anywhere instead of making you go to save points


I am home from workie x3

//cuddles zexuals and heads into work// c:

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My ac Vecty fell asleep omfg so cute x3

My ac Vecty fell asleep omfg so cute x3

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I wanna go to Coles just to get left over Easter eggs for cheap.